Reading Post Surgery is HARD!

Good Morning All 😊

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently underwent surgery (Thursday 18th) and I had this romanticesd idea in my mind that I’d be able to spend two days in my hospital room, recovering, relaxing and reading. Oh my, was I wrong.

I was admitted into hospital at 7am but was told once in, that I was fifth on the surgery list for the day and therefore would not be taken into theatre until lunch time. I took the opportunity to unpack, get comfortable and start a new book (My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry). I managed a handful of chapters between distractions and was drawn in pretty much straight away. When I was told to start prepping for theatre at 12:30pm, I put down my book safely next to the bed thinking “lovely! I can leave it there within arms reach for when I come around”.

Why did I think this was going to be the case?! I came around at about 4:30pm VERY doped up from anaesthetic and the morphine they had given me post surgery. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, never mind words on a page. It was all very entertaining I’m sure. Apparently I came out with some hilarious one liners to my family that were visiting me.

Still, I thought, it’s fine. I can get some reading in tomorrow once I’ve Β had a good night sleep. NOPE! No you won’t Sarah. Although I was feeling better the following day, I was still pretty much out of it. I did manage to pick up my book in the afternoon and give it a go. I thought I’d managed around 20 or so pages. It was only once I got home and picked my book up two days later I realised I’d actually gotten through about six chapters. Do you think I can tell you what happened in those chapters? Of course not. Complete memory loss.

As a result I’ve had to start from pretty much the beginning as I had no clue what was going on. So it’s My Husband’s Wife take two for me. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more when drug free!

I’m still off work for a while so still time to live out my chilled, relaxed, reading recovery!

Have a fab day 😊


“Does anyone have any tweezers? My eyebrows need plucking.”

“They haven’t done it! They haven’t completed my surgery!”

“Everyone I watched in the youtube vlogs were wimps, this doesn’t hurt at all.”

“I remember you from earlier today, you took my bloods. You can take some more now if you like, I can’t feel anything now.”

Comments made within the first hour post surgery – Sarah

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