Review Policy

I am always happy to receive review requests and provide an honest and fair review. If you would like to request a review please do reach out to me either via email at or via my contact form.

In the spirit of fairness and openness, please see my review policy below.

What will I accept?

I like to read a mix of all things therefore will accept most genres for review. That said, reference books and books giving advice on hobbies etc aren’t really my bag. I wouldn’t be able to give you a fair review, so wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

I’m happy to accept all formats of books for review i.e. physical copies, ebooks or audiobooks.

What do I ask of you? (pretty please)

If you are going to request a review, can I pretty please with a cherry on top request that you provide the following details;

⭐️ The name of the book and the author

⭐️ The genre

⭐️ Short synopsis

⭐️ The format of the book being offered

⭐️ The desired timeframe between receipt of the book and completion of the review

What can you expect of me?

I will review all books sent to me within the timeframe agreed and post all reviews here on my blog, on Goodreads and on Amazon.

I will post 100% honest reviews. This does mean that I can’t promise 100% positivity every time (a girl’s gotta keep some integrity right?).

All of my reviews are 1-5 stars (or emojis if you’re reading via my blog). I base my rating on the following;

5 stars 😍😍😍😍😍

I’m hooked. I’m in so deep, life is passing me by. I can’t put the book down and I’m devouring every page. Either the characters or the story have resonated with me and it’s a book that is highly likely to stick with me for a long time. I’d strongly recommend this book.

4 stars 😍😍😍😍😐

I’m hooked. When I’m not reading, I’m looking forward to getting stuck back in and I’m going through at a fairly quick pace. Either the characters or the story have resonated with me, however it’s probably not a book that will stick with me. I’d highly recommend this book.

3 stars 😍😍😍😐😐

I’ve enjoyed this book. I’ve gotten through at a moderate pace but have likely been distracted by other things whilst I’ve been reading. The characters and the story have interested me, however something about either one has niggled me or I’ve not found them relatable or realistic. I may recommend this book.

2 stars 😍😍😐😐😐

I’ve completed this book, but I’ve struggled through most of it. It’s taken me some time to get through it as I’ve most likely been doing other things or procrastinating over completing it. I’ve not found the characters or the story very interesting and something about either one has niggled me or I’ve not found them relatable or realistic. I probably won’t recommend this book.

1 star 😍😐😐😐😐

I’ve not been able to finish this book at all. Note, this is not likely as I always believe in giving a book a try until the very end. It’s unlikely for me to rate something with 1 star. I wouldn’t recommend this book.


Just like every human being, sometimes life hits me in the face with a shovel and I have to focus on things aside from reading. Therefore I may occassionally decline a review request if I believe I will not be able to complete a review within the timescales provided.

I may also politely decline a review request if I believe I would be unable to provide a fair review, but this should be few and far between.


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