Hi All 😊

My name’s Sarah (as the blog name would suggest) and I am an enthusiastic reader. I’m into pretty much anything and will give almost any book a chance. I’m always open minded when it comes to books and love a good book recommendation, so throw them my way!

I’ve been reading since forever and have never grown out of it. When I was young, you had very little chance of finding me not filling my head with words and devouring book after book. As an adult, I’d love to say I read as much, but unfortunately, work and general life get in the way more than I’d like it to. That said, I still love to get stuck into a good book and get as much reading time in as I can.

The desire to put more of my time into reading is what has led me here. As well as tearing through books, I also like a good chat about them. So I decided to kick start this blog where I’ll be posting reviews and general book chit chat. I don’t have a huge vision for where I want this to ultimately go but I can quite positively predict you’ll get a lot of brain dumping, ranting, raving (good raving) and probably a bit of nonsense too.

I hope you enjoy my posts. If you do, or you don’t or you’re impartial, please feel free to drop me a comment. Let me know your thoughts. Likes, dislikes and everything in between.



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