17th Jan WWW Wednesday

Happy Hump Day All!

Welcome to my WWW Wednesday post.

This is a weekly feature run by Taking on a World of Words whereby you blog answering the following 3 questions;

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What have you recently read?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

All you have to do is answer the questions and post a link to your post in the comments on Sam’s post. Easy Peasy and fun right? How can one resist.

I have a bit of a weird week this week as I am going into hospital for surgery first thing tomorrow and unsure of how well I’m going to be during my recovery. In my idealistic mind, I’m going to be fine and I’ll laze around reading for a week post surgery. In reality, I’ll probably spend half of the time coming down from general anaesthetic and be good for nothing. But I’m going to be positive and hope that I can relax with some awesome reading time.

What are you currently reading?

31227076At the moment. Nothing haha. I finished a book yesterday and a book today so I’m in between books at the moment, however I intend on starting a book tomorrow evening in the hospital; My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry. I picked this up at a little second hand book shop near me (see my post Little Gem of a Find) and I don’t know an awful lot about it. I read the blurb and just went for it. All I know is it’s a psychological thriller come suspense come mystery novel so should make for good reading! Read more about this book on Goodreads here;

My Husband’s Wife

What have you recently read?

22044543Just today, I finished listening to The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard by Robert Bryndza. I got wind of this book from a fellow member of a Goodreads group I am in and she described it as the perfect book for that downtime period between Christmas and New Years and she got it spot on. Although I didn’t read it during that period, it was perfect timing for the type of listen I was looking for; easy going, laugh out loud funny and a little bit cheesy. Coco is hilarious in this book and actually very relatable. This is the first in a series of “Coco books” and I could see this book translating into a fab sitcom very easily. This was the perfect book to tackle the January blues and I’ll be writing a positive review for this soon. To find out more about Bryndza’s laugh a minute book, have a peak here;

The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard

What do you think you’ll read next?

828693My next reads are a little related to the above books and I’ll pick one dependent on how I’m feeling. There were a few books I picked up on my last shopping trip, all of which are pretty serious, concentration requiring reads. The one I may go for is A Game of Spies by John Altman which is about an English female sleeper agent in the 1940s. Told you…concentration requiring! Read a little more here;

A Game of Spies



30907856If I’m not quite feeling like going that deep, I definitely want to try the second book in the Coco Pinchard series; Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding. I’d like to read more of Coco’s escapades and a good laugh may be just what I need once I’m home from the hospital, so this is definitely the more likely choice out of the two in my mind. Get a hint of what Coco does next here;

Coco Pinchard’s Big Fat Tipsy Wedding



And that concludes my WWW Wednesday. Looking forward to having a peak at what everyone else is, has and will be reading! 😏


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