ARC Review: The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

Hey All,

My oh my I have a good review for this one. This book gripped me from the very beginning. To the point where I was whipping my iPad out at every opportunity I had just to get a few pages read. I wanted to get to the end so badly, but at the same time didn’t want it to end.

I receivedΒ The Perfect GirlfriendΒ as an ARC in return for an honest review. This is Karen Hamilton’s first novel and I loved it. I sincerely hope that she writes more.

Juliette (or Lily) meets Nate, the love of her life, her world her everything. The fact that he has broken up with her, playing the “I need space” card does not reduce her love for him in any way. She knows that they belong together, for forever and ever, and she’ll stop at nothing to make him see sense. Nate may need a nudge towards their happy ever after, and Juliette is there to give him just that push.

Now, I know you hear stories of scorned women going to extreme lengths but my gosh, Juliette takes first place for persistence. Throughout this book I loved her character, I despised her, I was in disbelief, I laughed at her, I felt pity towards her. Honestly, I can’t even say now whether I actually sympathised with her or not. I found her to be so complex, she left me confused about my own feelings towards her. What a character to have written!

In usual circumstances, I would have scoffed in disbelief at some of the antics that Juliette gets up to and found them ridiculous but because of how brilliantly her character was written I was completely invested in her every move. I willed her to do the crazy stuff and then even more psychotic stuff. I felt like I was thriving on it with her.

I questioned myself during this book also. Do I agree with some of things she did? Do I understand why she did them? Do I think her actions were justifiable. It’s not until a day after finishing I’m able to regain some sanity and realise that of course she’s a raving lunatic! But during the book, I was in so deep I can’t believe I even thought she was remotely ok!

So it will come of no shock, that I loved this book. It’s making me smile now thinking about it. It was so satisfyingly outrageous with a nutter of a main character. If you’re into psychological thrillers, you’ll love this. I have to give in to my inner psycho and give this a perfect 5 stars! I can’t wait to indulge on more of Karen Hamilton’s work.



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