ARC Review: Someone You Know by Olivia Isaac-Henry

Good Morning Everyone!!

Happy Sunday to you all. The first weekend of 2019. I hope you’re all taking it easy, getting over the Christmas break and breaking yourself back into normal life slowly and easily. I am all over my reading this week whilst I’m still fairly relaxed and not so busy and have my second review of the year already. Thanks again, to Avon books for this ARC ofΒ Someone You know by Olivia Isaac-Henry.Β They are coming through with the fab thriller ARCs for me at the moment!

Tess Piper was lucky enough to grow up with a twin sister until the age of fourteen when her twin Edie disappeared. Tess has led her life running from her problems, hidden away in London for the last twenty years until she is forced to confront her worst fears when a body is found; and it’s Edie. The police are closing their investigation in on the Piper family which is forcing Tess to re-evaluate hurtful things from her past and unearth some deep and dark secrets. The police are onto a tried and tested theory, murders are often committed by someone you know!

The first thing I have to say about this book is how well the chronological jumps are written. I have read (as I’m sure plenty have) lots of books where the author jumps around in the timeline and sometimes it isn’t done well. However Olivia Isaac-Henry did this very well. Not once did I start a chapter confused, the story and timeline flowed so well.

Secondly, loved the mysteries, red herrings and twists in the story. I think I went through every character and thought they were the murderer at some point in the book. As the story developed I had my stronger suspicions but still constantly questioned myself as it felt like I was being thrown off the scent. It didn’t stop at just the murder though. I felt like every family secret that was hinted at was it’s own little mystery. Secrets within lies within secrets in that Piper family….and I LOVED them. I won’t go into much more about this as I can’t stand a spoiler, but if you read this, be prepared for your feelings towards characters to go from good to bad to good again…a LOT.

Little nugget that made me feel close to this book was that it was set where I grew up, which I didn’t know until I started reading. I grew up in a small town called Coseley which is actually mentioned in the book which made me so excited in my small little world. As soon as the place references started popping up, the characters immediately had that yam yam twang in my head. Loved it.

Overall, an awesome thriller with a fab storyline. Will most definitely keep you on your toes and keep you guessing right until the very end.




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