ARC Review: Suicide Club by Rachel Heng

Good Morning All,

I have another ARC review to share. I went into reading Suicide Club by Rachel Heng with a complete open mind as it’s not my usual genre of reading. I have read a handful of science fiction books and have always enjoyed them, so unsure why I haven’t read more. So, when this book came my way, I was looking forward to it.

New York has been transformed into a world where the genetically chosen and lucky get the chance to live potentially forever. Lea Kirino is one of these people; a lifer. As long as she abides by the rules, keeps up her eating regime, exercise schedule and regular health checks and updates, she could go on to immortality which is what she has planned for herself. Her life comes crashing down around her fairly quickly when she is reunited with her long left father who she finds is part of the Suicide Club. They’re a group of people who rebel against society’s idea of immortality being the ultimate goal and want to die, on their own terms. Lea is faced with 2 options; immortality or time with her father.

I’ll start by saying that this book actually scares me. It scares me that although this is science fiction, in my mind it’s a very real possibility that society could evolve into this world and fairly quickly. It makes me question, would I want to be immortal? Even with technology to ensure I stay fit and companies that allow my organs to be removed and replaced with artificial new ones, would I really want to live forever? I think my honest answer is no, I wouldn’t. Surely there comes a point where enough is enough, you’ve served your time and it’s time to go.

I feel like that is the conclusion that Lea came to to a certain extent. My thoughts on Lea went up and down through this book. Sometimes I liked her and other times she frustrated me but I put that down to good writing. Lea frustrated me when she seemed to be hugely sucked into the rules that her society forced upon her and unable to see beyond that. I loved her when she finally realised that that is way more to life! More to see and experience which is worth more than living forever.

Although this book took me some time to read, I really did enjoy it and I’m glad I took my time with it. I don’t think it has been until after I have finished that I have truly thought about everything and how that has impacted my thoughts. When I very first finished this book I had decided on 3 stars, but on reflection now, I’m bumping it up to a 4. It’s had a longer lasting affect on me than I originally thought!




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