Review: My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

Good Evening All,

It’s quickly approaching midnight whilst I write this, but I’ve just finished this book and want to get my review written whilst everything is still fresh in my mind.

Lily Macdonald is married to Ed and it would be an understatement to say that their marriage starts off smoothly. Lily’s profession means that she works a lot of the time and Ed’s means that he’s often at home working on his craft. That doesn’t stop them caring for their trouble nine year old neighbour Carla at weekends. Little do they know that she will come back into their lives sixteen years later and trigger a series of events that can’t be undone.

I knew nothing about this book or this author before I started; I like to do that sometimes just to give something I’ve not tried before a fair shot. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed both the book and the author’s writing style. The story ofΒ My Husband’s WifeΒ is enjoyable. There are a LOT of twists and turns; some may feel too many. Personally I think that some of the storyline could have been omitted as it kind of felt like they were thrown in purely for the sake of the reveal, but I wasn’t bothered too much by it.

There isn’t a particular character in this book that I relate to, rather bits and bobs of different characters. For instance, Lily’s work ethic I see in myself. If her personal life seems to be in turmoil, she throws herself into her work. Carla’s determination to get what she wants before realising it may not be what she really does want – I’m sure a lot of us can say we’ve been there once or twice in life. But then there are other aspects of these characters that I couldn’t relate to and found hard to truly believe in. I’ll leave those for you to make up your own mind as I never like to give spoilers in a review.

I found this to be an enjoyable read and a decent thriller. Although it wasn’t totally unpredictable, there were certain parts of the plot that I honestly didn’t see coming. I could imagine this being tweaked and reworked for the silver screen and targeting a similar audience to that of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train.

I’m giving this a decent 3 stars. The only thing really stopping me from awarding the extra star is my lack of hunger for the book. It’s taken me a while to get through this and I did get distracted by other books along the way, but all in all, a good weekend thriller to curl up and read.



“What we want and what we need in life are two very different things. But it takes death to put those two contenders into perspective. Right now, there’s only one thing I really want. To live.”

My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry


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