Short Story Reviews

Hi All,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and that there is something upcoming in the week ahead that you’re looking forward to. I have a post a little different from my usual today. A selections of snappy reviews of some short stories I binged. I was really in the mood for listening to an audiobook, but I wanted something I could listen to in one sitting. Fast forward to me finding a whole selection of short stories on audible and going on a bit of a downloading spree. These three were the ones I started with and I had such a great time with them.

Short Story One πŸ“–

Evidence of the Affair by @tjenkinsreid

I love me some TJR so when I found this Amazon Original short story and on KU, I hit download as quickly as I could. This was such a heartbreakingly beautiful story about a woman who finds out that her husband is having an affair by coming across love letters shared between him and his mistress. She decides to write to the husband of the mistress and the two end up striking up a bond.

I was so torn about how I wanted this story to end for Carrie and David. Ultimately I wanted them to find their happiness of course, I just didn’t know where I was hoping that it would lie. In the end, I was happy with the choices that they made but I did feel a little bit sad for Carrie, even though she definitely didn’t seem to feel that way about herself.

This was a cute short story about love, lust, heartbreak and forgiveness. Loved it.


Short Story Two πŸ“–

One of Those Flings by @laurenblakelybooks

Skyler is on a ban from all men and has taken herself off on holiday to celebrate her alone-a-versary. The adventure tour guide she meets on a snorkelling lesson is also on a relationship hiatus. Both of them are clearly attracted to each other, but will they break their rules to see what could come of the two of them together?

The bright cover was what drew my attention to this book. I saw it and immediately thought fun, bright and cheery. And in a nutshell that’s exactly what this book was. The audiobook was a full cast production and the first audiobook I’ve listened to like this. I really enjoyed it and can see why people go mad for them. There were some seriously cringey sections that had me howling with laughter, but I wasn’t mad at them.

A light hearted rom com with a lovely happy ending that helped to put a smile on my face.


Short Story Three πŸ“–

Half Light by Tayari Jones

Amelia and Camelia are identical twins; but in appearance only. The two of them couldn’t be further apart in personality. Which serves them well in their adult life when feisty Camelia ends up being her sister’s divorce attorney. After Amelia and her teenagers have gone through the turmoil of divorce, Amelia decides that there is something she gifted her husband that she regrets. And she wants it back. That involves breaking and entering, so who better to accompany her than her twin.

I really enjoyed the tone of this book. Everything about it felt authentic and the characters quickly became people that I felt like I knew. As much as the story of the twins’ sibling love was at times emotional, I also found myself laughing at parts. It reminded me so much of conversations that have and do take place between me and my own sister.

This was a story about family; those that we chose and those that we don’t and how this particular family navigated their way through ups and downs. Really enjoyed it.


So there we go. A post a little different to my usual and probably for that same reason, a post that I really enjoyed pulling together. I’ve never really gotten along well with short stories before but maybe now is the time that I start to make a change and incorporate more of them into my reading.

Hopefully look out for more short story reviews soon!

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