ARC Review: The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Alice Hunter

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Book πŸ“–

Thank you to @avonbooksuk and @alicehunter_author for this audio copy of The Serial Killer’s Daughter in return for an honest review. The Serial Killer’s Daughter was published on 21st July 2022 and you can get a copy here.

Description πŸ”–

In a quiet village in Devon, not a lot happens. It suits local vet Jenny perfectly as the quiet life is what she has always craved. That all starts to fall apart when a local woman goes missing and the police confirm that they are treating the investigation as an abduction.

This isn’t the first time Jenny has been within close proximity of a serious criminal investigation. Her father is a notorious serial killer and this missing woman case has so many similarities, it is bringing back terrible memories and triggering bad thoughts. Jenny has to remind herself that her father’s evilness doesn’t run in her blood. Or does it?

General Thoughts πŸ€”

I read the first book in this series; The Serial Killer’s Wife and I enjoyed it, but I was hoping for a little more from this second book. I’m so happy to say that I got it. I enjoyed this book more than the first and thought that it was definitely a development for this author.

The story was compelling, full of twists and red herrings and had me hooked right from the start. At first I thought that it would be a continuation of the first book, but it was new characters and a new story which I really enjoyed. I became invested in the characters in this book quite quickly and I had come to my own conclusions about what was going to happen for them. I was right about some, but not all.

Characters πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

I really liked Jenny as a main character. I have to admit that I never doubted her throughout the story and I think that I probably would have made many of the same decisions. I’m not sure I’d want to go around letting everyone know about my serial killer of a father. I found it interesting and disappointing that her husband reacted to this news and let it alter his perception of her as a wife and as a mother.

There are lots of side characters in this story that could have all had a part to play in the abduction and I enjoyed scrutinising all of them. I won’t give away spoilers of course. I had strong feelings about some of them (negative and positive) and others I very quickly disregarded.

Writing Style ✍️

In my review of Alice Hunter’s first book, I mentioned that the pace lost it’s momentum. I think that this book was the complete opposite and started off slower before really gaining pace and getting exciting as it progressed. I loved this and I felt like I was swept away with the story.

I really liked the way that the beginning of the book started with some ambiguity and that small thing played on my mind throughout. I didn’t know which characters POV it was written from. Then it all tied together in the epilogue. I thought that this was a great touch.

Conclusion & Scoring πŸŽ–

I really enjoyed listening to this book. The story was very engaging with lots of twists and turns and tension filled scenes and the narration totally did the writing justice. I hear there is a third book planned for this series and I cannot wait to read it.


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