ARC Review: The Patient by Jane Shemilt

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you’re all well and having a good week. I haven’t got much to report to be honest as I haven’t had an awful lot going on. I’m trying to get lots and lots of reading done as I have a lot of ARCs to get through for the rest of April, so it’s head down, glasses on.

Book πŸ“–

Thank you to @HarperCollinsUK and @Janeshemilt for this advanced copy of The Patient in return for an honest review. The Patient is due to be published on 28th April 2022 and you can get a copy here.

Description πŸ”–

When Rachel and Luc meet, their attraction is palpable and instant, but not conventional. Rachel is a doctor and Luc is her patient.

Decisions are made that puts everything on the line for Rachel and when a huge secret is unveiled, both of them are in the firing line in a serious way. Someone or everyone is lying. What is the truth?

General Thoughts πŸ€”

What a whirlwind this book was. This is the quickest I’ve gotten through a book in a while (audiobooks aside). I just could not put this down and devoured the chapters like I was reading on a deadline. I thought that The Patient was very moreish right from the offset and the pace of the book started fast and continued on that trajectory.

The last third of the book felt like someone was toying with my emotions and laughing at me. Just when I thought I had gotten to the truth, there was a loose thread and I figured out there was a lie somewhere. And then the same thing would happen again. This was definitely a book that kept me on my toes.

Characters πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

Rachel was the main character in The Patient and the story was told from her perspective. I had a weird connection with this character in that I thought that she was emotionless at times and I couldn’t quite understand her POV, but then at others, my heart broke for her. I think she had a taste of what her life could/should have been and from that point on, life as she knew it maybe felt bland and not where she was supposed to be.

Rachel’s daughter Lizzie got under my skin. She had a very obvious problem with her mother, however didn’t take any adult steps to try and resolve anything. She came across like a bit of a brat to me and I just wanted her to cut her mother a bit of slack and give her a chance.

Writing Style ✍️

I really enjoyed the tone of this entire story. The author was able to create a sense of unease right from the beginning which was maintained and increased throughout the rest of the book. She was also able to keep the story compelling by weaving an unpredictable plot that was full of twists and turns.

Conclusion & Scoring πŸŽ–

I started this book without having a clue what it was going to be about (the blurb certainly keeps it mysterious) and I was so pleasantly surprised. It was brilliantly paced with just the right amount of eerie, spin chilling tension. This is the first psychological thriller that I’ve read in a while that has truly taken me by surprise; 100% worth a read.


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