Review: Turn a Blind Eye by Jeffrey Archer

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Happy Wednesday! My reviews are coming through thick and fast at the moment so inevitably I really don’t have much to update in my introductions. So instead of what I’ve been up to, I’ll just say that today I am feeling happy and content and I couldn’t ask for more.

Book πŸ“–

I have flown through this series of books and I’m amazed that I’m not yet bored. Turn a Blind Eye by @Jeffrey_Archer is the third book in the William Warwick series and the bar has been raised.

Description πŸ”–

William Warwick has another promotion under his belt and as Detective Inspector he is assigned a new challenge. He is asked to tackle corruption within the Met which involves an undercover operation. Detective Jerry Summers is the target; an arrogant yet charming man who is obviously living beyond the means of a Detective. Some new faces are brought in to help with the investigation but the whole thing is put at risk when one of the newbies falls in love with Summers.

As the team at Scotland Yard get closer to nailing their suspects, William starts to realise that the corruption goes deeper than originally thought and they may be surprised by who is willing to turn a blind eye.

General Thoughts πŸ€”

As I mentioned above, I’m still not bored of William Warwick and the rest of the characters in this series and I am well and truly hooked. Turn a Blind Eye was the perfect middle ground between a relatively easy to follow storyline and a complex, edge of your seat plot. I think that this book was probably the one with the most surprises and I definitely had a couple of gasp moments.

As I’ve said in previous reviews for this series, I really enjoyed the mix of professional and personal and I really liked that one started to bleed into the other in this instalment. Beth’s friendship with Christina had me thinking that something is brewing there that may not end well, but William already smelt trouble.

I think that William started to shed his “choir boy” personality in this book and I liked this new William. He threw himself into the middle of more serious danger and took more risks and of course that only made it more exciting to read.

Characters πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬

I’ve decided to talk about the characters from the series that I love to hate. At number one; Booth Watson QC. What a slippery character! If I was to be a criminal and find myself in front of a jury he would definitely be the person I would like to defend me. However as a law abiding individual he really got under my skin. But I love to hate him. Every story needs a baddy and I think his immorality and greed were a fabulous part of this particular story.

Number two; Christina Faulkner. I’m surprised that I’m adding her in here but the more that this series progresses, the more I realise that this character cannot be trusted. She was not an obvious enemy, but her underhanded tricks and determination to always look after her own financial interests above all else have meant that she has been added to my hit list.

Writing Style ✍️

Turn a Blind Eye broadly followed the same structure as the other books with an investigation, an exciting court case and a positive/negative result. This book had multiple court scenes and they’re my favourite bits. I loved the battles between the two QCs and I think that these parts are definitely Jeffrey Archer’s strong point.

I love that this is very much a continuous series. The storyline is threaded through each book with new cases incorporated in with characters that are familiar. It does mean that I don’t think I could read any of the books standalone, but I didn’t intend on doing so anyway.

Conclusion & Scoring πŸŽ–οΈ

Another winner from Mr Archer. I haven’t even gotten up to date with the series and I’m already starting to feel a little sad that I’m going to have to wait for more. As William Warwick climbs higher and higher in his career, the drama escalates with him and I can’t wait for more chases, arrests and court room battles.


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