Review: No Offense by Meg Cabot

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Book πŸ“–

I told you in my last review that I was binge reading the Little Bridge Island Series, and I try and keep to my word as much as possible. So this review is of No Offense by @megcabot.

Description πŸ”–

Molly Montgomery didn’t need a huge incentive to take the plunge and move from her home town, so when her engagement breaks, her bags are packed and she’s off to Little Bridge Island. Molly manages to land her dream job and takes on the role of head of children’s services at the island’s public library.

Sheriff John Hartwell has been struggling to adjust to single life following his divorce. But when he attends the library in response to an emergency call, there is a fire lit within him when he lays eyes on Molly Montgomery. However he must remain professional and put the case first. Someone has abandoned a baby in the library toilets and this isn’t going to be a straight forward investigation.

Molly and John may have the hots for each other, but they also have a lot of differences. Will they be able to overcome their disagreements to both solve the case and take their relationship further.

General Thoughts πŸ€”

I was surprised when I first started this book as for some reason I had just expected the story to be focused on the same characters as those in the first book of the series. But it was a pleasant surprise and I was glad to read about other people from Little Bridge Island. The old characters didn’t completely disappear though and I really liked that they were acknowledged.

Similar to No Judgements, No Offense was fun to read, however I did think that the plot in this one was a little more serious in tone. The fact that it all hung on a criminal investigation balanced the fun and flirty with the engaging nature of wanting to catch a suspect.

Characters πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«

I didn’t expect to be writing about completely different characters so this is fun. I’ll start with Molly. I have to be brutally honest, the woman annoyed me. I thought she was interfering and definitely up on her high horse a lot of the time. However it was nice to see her come down from that horse eventually. I don’t know why I get so wound up by people who can’t admit that they’re wrong.

John was a sweetheart but also a little bit stuck in his ways I thought. He was clumsy with his words and actions when around Molly which was endearing but like Molly, dug his heels in when they disagreed. There were moments when I thought that this pair would never end up making it together.

Writing Style ✍️

No Offense was entertaining and a great bit of chick lit to indulge in. I think that the story in this second book was a little bit deeper than in the first and I enjoyed it a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like hard hitting, edge of your seat thriller, but I enjoyed the chase that Meg Cabot wrote into the book.

I don’t know if it’s because of the above or just a coincidence, but I didn’t feel as invested in the romance between Molly and John as I did with Bree and Drew. I think it was the different characters that caused this for me. I just couldn’t imagine anything steamy going on between a Sheriff and a librarian.

Conclusion & Scoring πŸŽ–οΈ

This was another easy going and light hearted book from Meg Cabot that I really enjoyed. Now that I know to expect the story to focus on different characters from Little Bridge Island in each book, I’m super intrigued about the third in the series and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it.


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