ARC Review: Us Three by Ruth Jones

Hi All, Well it has most definitely been a while since I’ve posted a book review. Life has really gotten in the way for me lately. With everything going on in the world I no longer have a normal and like a huge number of people, I’m struggling with that. That’s essentially meant that I’m struggling to keep up with all of my old normalities; one of which being reading and writing about my reading. I’m not going to kid myself in promising to get back to old reading and posting routine, but I’m certainly going to make a conscious effort to try and build it back up again. So what better a time to start than now? Book πŸ“– Us Three Thank you to Ruth JonesΒ andΒ @TransworldBooksΒ for this advanced copy in return for an honest review. I have to apologise, because although I received this book some time ago, I am somewhat late posting my review. The good news is that Us ThreeΒ is already available for purchase and you can get a copyΒ here. Description πŸ”– Three girls that have been friends since Primary school are in separate right through to their University years. Judith, Catrin and Lana have grown up together and are more like sisters than friends. When they finish school, their friendship is cemented by a once in a lifetime island hopping trip to Greece. Shortly afterwards, life takes a bit of a turn for all three of them and their friendship changes in a way that none of them expected. They made promises to each other in their youth, but childish promises aren’t always easy to keep. General Thoughts πŸ€” I’ve been steadily chipping away at this book for a few weeks and although I felt guilty about taking so long to read it, in hindsight I’m kind of glad that I did. It was nice to take this book in in small bite sized chunks and appreciate every few chapters for what they were. This is a book of relationships and human nature and friendships and family; including the good, bad and ugly. The reader is thrown into the lives of Judith, Catrin and Lana across the decades. People come and go in that time, so out of choice and some under devastating circumstances, but it’s real and it’s so very relatable for many. Characters πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ Obviously, Judith, Catrin and Lana are the focus of the storyline, but there are many other characters along the way. My favourite character was probably Jack, but I won’t go into too much detail about him here and will leave that for you guys to delve into. Instead, I want to give a little summary of my feelings about the three women. Judith is the serious one in the group. In her younger years I feel like she had no choice but to play this role due to her family life, but I think that she struggled to let go of that in her adult life. Catrin is the peace keeper in the group and I felt bad for her through a lot of the book. Personally I felt like she was the most selfless out of the three, but often wasn’t treated in the same high regard that she treated others. Lana is the wild friend and the party girl. She frustrated me the most out of the three. She was that person that never seemed to grow up. Not in a fun and carefree way, more in a selfish and self-absorbed way. Writing Style ✍🏽 I loved that this book was set in Wales and I think Ruth Jones being Welsh herself was evident in the writing. The Welsh colloquialisms made me smile and laugh at times. My partner is Welsh and I live in South Wales myself, so this struck a chord with me. I really liked that the book was in three parts, spanning different times in the character’s lives. We all change across long periods of time and I felt that the writing did such a good job of reflecting how the women had grown and developed over the years. Conclusion & Scoring πŸŽ– I thought that this was a lovely light hearted read that gave a highly relatable reflection of female friendships and how they ebb and flow over time. I laughed at parts and I was close to tears at parts. My heart nearly burst with emotion at some points as I thought about my own female friendships. If you’d like to cuddle up as we approach autumn and feel warmth through pages, I’d recommend this book for sure. 😍😍😍😫😫

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