Blog Tour: The Second Wife by Rebecca Fleet

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I have been very much looking forward to this…my first ever blog tour!!! I’ve watched other people do these for so long and not known how to get involved, so thank you so much to @annecater at Random Things Tours and @DoubledayUK for the opportunity to jump on board this awesome blog tour.

The Second Wife BT Poster

Book 📖

The Second Wife By Rebecca Fleet is available now and you can get yourself a copy here.

Description 🔖

Alex is left as a single parent to his daughter Jade when his wife tragically dies when Jade is just five years old. So when he meets Natalie and she’s accepted into their family, life certainly looks brighter. Until the family are torn apart when their home is ruined in a disastrous fire.

Jade is left hospitalised and is certain she saw a man in the house when the fire started. Natalie escaped the fire and is certain that this isn’t true. Who is Alex to believe? As he’s digging around for answers, he discovers that he doesn’t know everything about his wife and her secret past unravels.

General Thoughts 🤔

Psychological thrillers are my thing. I love them. This one was in no way disappointing. I couldn’t get through it fast enough to satisfy my questioning and with every twist and turn I doubted and second guessed what I thought was actually going on.

I genuinely had no idea it was going to turn out the way it did until it slapped me in the face and that is such a fabulous feeling when an author gets it right.

Characters 👫👭👬

There are some good people, some bad people and some in-betweens in this book, but the special thing about it is that you just don’t know who is who. I went back and forth a few times, putting myself in the shoes of Alex, thinking “who can I trust?”. In hindsight, I’m not sure any of the characters can be called 100% trustworthy. All of them does something at some point (whether big or small) that is deceitful and once the seed of doubt had been planted in my mind, it was difficult to forget even the small things.

Writing Style ✍🏽

The book goes back and forth on a timeline which I thought was done really well. It’s separated into six parts, each part flicking between the past and recent times. I sometimes find myself enjoying one of the timelines more than the other when authors do this, but this didn’t happen for me with this book; both timelines gripped me.

I always find it so impressive when an author can keep a reader guessing right until the very end and do so much to throw readers off the scent. Rebecca Fleet has achieved this brilliantly and I call nonsense on anyone who says they saw it coming.

Conclusion & Scoring 🎖

If I had to describe this book in a word it would be intense. The tension build, suspense and unravelling of secrets is awesome to read and I’m looking forward to reading more of Rebecca Fleet’s work.



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