Review: Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone has had a fab, positive day, no matter what you’ve gotten up to. I’ve had a very productive day at work today and had a nice relaxing evening so I thought what better time to sit down and write my latest book review. As much as I’m looking forward to writing this, I’m also sad that it’s the last book in the Eddie Flynn series; Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh.

Bobby Solomon is one half of a Hollywood power couple; until his wife turns up dead and he is charged with her murder. Eddie Flynn is drafted in to join the star’s defence team and is soon put to work investigating what really happened. Rather than a wide spread investigation across New York, should Flynn be digging around more closely within the court room?

If you had read my May round up post, you’ll know that I recently became obsessed with Cavanagh’s thriller series based on con artist turned lawyer Eddie Flynn. I’ve gotten through all four books within the last month and now I’m starting to regret it because it’s all over. This fourth book was the icing on the cake and it’s probably my joint favourite with the first book; The Defense.

I liked that this book was structured differently to the previous three. Rather than a series of events that lead to a big reveal, the mystery was in how we were going to get to the end point. The ending is no secret, the murderer is on the jury. But how that is finally revealed is quite a journey!

Obviously I have some serious love for Eddie and his character did not disappoint, yet again. I love the compassion that he has for his clients. I love how intelligent he is. I love how he can piece together a puzzle. I love how selfless he is.

To say I’m going to go through some Eddie withdrawal is an understatement! I can’t believe it’s all over. If you’re into legal thrillers, then this series is 100% for you. If you don’t want to slog through the whole series, I definitely think you could read this book as a standalone and not at all be lost. Last thing, if you have the opportunity to listen to this on audiobook, I would definitely recommend!



β€œThe greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” – Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

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