Review: Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

Good Evening All,

It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog post and I feel like some time since I’ve actually finished a book. I’ve been a little bit of a reading slump the last few weeks whilst I’ve had hundreds of other things going on. That said, I feel like I’ve pulled myself out of it now and I’m ready to jump back on that reading saddle. This weekend I’ve done just that and got through two books. The first being Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty.

The gorgeous Kettle sisters are made up of Lyn, Cat and Gemma and as triplets, they are celebrating their thirty third birthday together. The book starts at this point and then tells us the tales of the girls lives in the year up to that point. Lyn is the together, sensible sister, Cat is the one who’s life is falling apart at the seams and Gemma is the free-spirited, happy go lucky sister. All up until events challenge the girls norms and we are taken on a journey of betrayal, divorce, love and babies.

If you look through my book reviews you’ll see that I am a Liane Moriarty fan and I’ve read a number of her books. It all started with The Husband’s Secret and I was hooked on her writing. Ever since then I’ve worked my way through her work and I always enjoy every read. This book was no exception, it was right for me at this time. Though not as gripping as some of her other work, Three Wishes is a laid back enjoyable read.

As you will have gathered from my synopsis above, the book is focused on the triplets and they are the centre of the story. The life events that hit them changed my perspective on the girls’ characters immensely. I started the book likening myself to Lyn, liking Cat and finding Gemma irritating. By the end of the book I felt a bit ambivalent about Lyn, annoyed by Cat and loved Gemma.

My initial thought once I got to the end of the book was a bit like “oh. It’s finished. That’s the end”. I had to sit for a couple of minutes and think back on the story. There isn’t a big bang ending, no big reveal or revelation, just a nice wrap up where the story pretty much finishes a big loop from the beginning. Once I’d had time to reflect, I wasn’t mad at this. It was nice to just read a story about 3 women’s lives.

Overall, this was a nice easy going, at times funny, at times sad chick lit read and I’d recommend this for a beach read or a chilled weekend read. Not too shabby at all!



β€œBaths, she thought, were just like her relationships, all “ooh, ah” in the beginning and then suddenly, without warning, she had to get out, out, out!” – Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

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