Review: It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

Good Evening All,

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their week and working life isn’t proving to be too stressful. I have a pretty manic week in work this week and doubt I’ll get much reading done, however I have just managed to finish It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell therefore wanted to get my review written and posted before this upcoming weekend.

Three women, at the beginning of their adult lives start college together as room mates and vow to be best friends. Kate is the outgoing one, Aubrey is the lost soul and Jenny is the studious ambitious one. After twenty years and ups and downs in their relationships with one another, they are still friends, however things have changed. One of them is stood on a broken bridge being urged to jump and take their own life. Did betrayals between friends go to far or is it closer to home?

This book was a good old wild card for me. It was in a 2 for £8 offer in Tesco and it was literally the cover and the title that made me choose it. Nothing else. Therefore i started it completely blind to the storyline. It turned out to be what i expecting; a fairly easy going mystery thriller with some suspense and red herrings, but nothing too shocking that had me gasping out loud at the reveals.

I have to say, I don’t think that I actually liked any of the characters in this book. They all had something about them that annoyed me. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just give a brief round up of what I thought about the characters in part 1. I thought that Kate was an irresponsible spoilt brat (that annoyed me), Aubrey was spineless (also annoyed me) and Jenny was a fun sponge (again, annoying).

Aside from the characters, the storyline was pretty good. It did have me questioning how the ending was going to wrap up right until the very end. What I did think was quite clever about this book was that there wasn’t a ruling out of options for the resolution of the story. For me, I thought that all of the options were fairly transparent and it could have been any one of them. I thought that was well done by the author as it really does mean you have to get right to the very end up to find out what really happened.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad read for a random book that I picked up in the supermarket. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for some suspense in their next book yet not a storyline that’s too complex you can’t follow what’s going on. Not bad at all!


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