Review: Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

Good Evening All!

I’ve fell into the dip of no reading, no posts and I’m struggling to get myself out of it. Even when I can’t manage to find the time to read books, I usually continue to fly through audio books. But I’m failing on all fronts at the moment; no reading and no listening. I’ve been filling the time on my car journeys with pod casts and gripping ones at that which means I just haven’t had the urge to break the trend and get into any audio books.

That said, I listened toΒ Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah VaughanΒ nearly a month ago and just never got around to writing a review. The only way I realised is because it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m bored and started looking through my book list on Goodreads. Given that I finished listening to this quite some time ago, my review won’t be too lengthy, but I do remember my initial high level feelings about it, so here goes…

James is a well liked public figure, a family man and is loved by everyone around him, most of all his wife Sophie. She is so in love with him, that when he is quite publicly accused and tried for a horrendous crime, she is 100% at his side fighting for his innocence. Kate is a well respected and passionate lawyer who is prosecuting James during his trial. She is determined to find out the truth and knows that she must present a strong case in order to win. Which woman’s feelings about James are closest to the truth? And are both women’s feelings based on anything more than is initially thought?

I’ll go straight in with my true thoughts on this book; it was easy going, I always knew what was happening, it wasn’t too complex and therefore I found it to be quite predictable. Which for me is disappointing. I like to be kept on tenterhooks and give out a huge gasp when the reveal drops, but unfortunately I didn’t experience that. Instead, I spent a long time thinking “no, I can’t be right, that’s too predictable. It HAS to be have some huge twist I’m not seeing”. Then once the kind of semi-reveal did come, there was still so much left to listen to that I thought maybe something else is coming, but it never did materialise.

From a character perspective, I’m not sure there were any characters I really related to but if it was gun to head, make a choice, it would probably be Sophie. She put her kids first and she trusted her instincts when they finally kicked in, which was a bit of a “good for you girlfriend” moment.

To be blunt, I’m glad I purchased this with my audible credits and didn’t actually purchase the book. However, I am partly to blame as I didn’t really do any research into this book. I’d just gotten into the car, needed something to listen to and this was the first one in my recommendations, so it was the book that got chosen.

I can’t say that I would rant about this book and recommend it to everyone I speak to, but if someone fancied some really laid back listening, requiring no thought or heavy attention, then this will do a decent job of fulfilling those requirements. If you prefer something a little more gripping to keep you on your toes and keep you questioning and guessing, this probably isn’t the book for you.



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