Review: This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe

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I literally, just in the last few minutes finished this book and decided to get right into it and get my review written whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. I received this book fromΒ NetGalleyΒ in return for a review. I’ll be honest I initially thought this was an ARC…but I was mistaken! It was actually published in May 2017, but no difference. A review I promised and a review I shall provide.

It’s been quite a long time since I have read a memoir, mostly because there hasn’t been anyone that has written one that I have been hugely eager to read about. I’d be lying if I said I was sitting around waiting for Gabourey Sidibe to write one (complete discolosure, I didn’t know who she was by name, only face) but I am pleased I gave this one a go.

Turns out, girl can write! She uses this book as an outlet for sharing her stories; both happy and not so happy and I couldn’t help but be drawn into each and every one. Her writing style captures her personality so well, there were times it made me feel like we were sat down and having a chat, rather than her relaying her lives tales through words on a page (or an iPad in my case).

Gabourey has led what seems like such a full life for someone only a few years older than myself. I don’t want to give too much away for anyone that hasn’t already read but the whole Tola situation and the foster care?! What?! Really?! That said, Gabourey tells these personal and sometimes really serious stories with such dry humour, you can’t help but laugh. She’s been through some pretty tough stuff and I admire her for sharing it all with the world whilst being able to make us laugh, yet not making any of it distasteful.

I have ONE gripe about this read; and it has nothing to do with Gabourey. The version of the book that was sent to me from the publisher is awful and made reading so very difficult. The formatting of the book is horrendous! Whole paragraphs and sometimes pages are repeated straight after each other and there are parts where odd sentences from one paragraph are just thrown into another. I very nearly gave up at the start just because it was such hard work, but I decided to persist and I’m glad that I did.

I’m giving this book a well deserved 4 stars. It was brilliantly written (which I have found isn’t common in a memoir) and I feel appreciative to have learned more about a person I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for picking up this book. I appreciate how successful Gabourey Sidibe has become and I’m sure the world will be seeing plenty more from her in the future!



“When you’re both looking over the menu and trying to decide what you want and if he orders the same exact item as you, flip the table and run out of there as fast as possible to escape that psychopath. Even if this is a date, you don’t need that bullshit in your life. What kind of person sits down at a restaurant with another person and orders the same exact thing? This is a restaurant, homie! There are so many options! If I’m ordering something you want, it’s your duty as an AMERICAN to get the second-most-desired item so that we can have both! Are you even serious right now? You think Jay Z and BeyoncΓ© go to restaurants and order the same meal?! Deduct one thousand points! If he has some human decency and orders a different meal for both of you to enjoy, then I guess you can add ten points. It’s lasagna. Not an engagement ring. Don’t get crazy.”

This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe

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