ARC Review: One Fine Day (Hazel Green #1) by Cindy Kirk

Good Evening All,

Tonight I am reviewing Cindy Kirk’s One Fine Day which I was kindly given as an ARC from NetGalley.

Abigail Fine hasn’t had the easiest of starts in life. She makes the decision to be a surrogate for her best friend in receipt of eternal gratitude and a financial boost to help her along the path of achieving her own dreams.

She does indeed get to fulfil her dreams, with a whole lot extra thrown in alongside it, which is not what she expected for her life. But she wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Jonah Rollins makes one huge mistake which he will probably regret forever but he is trying everything to make it all right and move forward with his life. The question is, will  all of his efforts pay off in the end?

This is the first of any of Cindy Kirk’s books that I have read and I have been pleasantly satisfied with the read. This was a heart warming and easy going read and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book like this so it was a nice change. I wouldn’t say that I was hurrying to get through to find out the ending, as once you start, you quickly figure out where the story is going to go. That said, I still wanted to read the whole story to follow the journey to the ending.

I’m going to through something out there, a little outside of the box! My favourite character was Nell. I loved the way she was so straight talking, right to the point and doesn’t pack any punches. She reminded me of myself. The last few chapters are left on a little cliffhanger regarding Nell, so I can only assume that Hazel Green #2 will follow Nell more closely. I look forward to reading #2 and finding out more about her.

So to conclude, I gave One Fine Day a solid 3 stars. Although I enjoyed the book and found it pleasant, it didn’t rock my world so to speak. I’d perhaps recommend this as a chilled weekend read when you don’t have the brain capacity to think about anything too deep.




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