First blog post – as appropriately named by WordPress

I sat and thought for quite a while….what shall I name my first blog post? I want something catchy, something snappy, something to draw in readers.

I didn’t get very far, the pressure got the best of me. So I let WordPress do the hard work for me. Rolls off the tongue in my opinion.

This will be short and sweet.

I’m starting this blog to use as a place to put down all my thoughts on the books I read, listen to, hear about, am excited about etc etc.

Last year (2017) I failed myself hugely and didn’t commit as much time as I’d like to reading, so this year (2018…obviously) I’m growing a pair, going in deep and doing something about it; and more!

I’m going to read as much as I possibly can this year and not only that, I’m going to come here and write about every single book I read. I can’t promise war and peace about every single read, but I can promise complete honesty and openness. If I love a book, you’ll know about it. If I hate a book, you’ll also know about it.

So there’s not much left for it but to get stuck into my very first books of the year.

You can find the books that I’m currently reading on the right of my homepage.

If you have recommendations, review requests or just want to tell me how great/awful I am, leave a comment or jump over to my contact page.

Happy new year all! (A day late, I know)


β€œ’what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?'”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland




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