Review: Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd

Good Evening All,

What a miserable miserable today has been. Rainy, windy and cold here in the UK today so I am feeling very content to finally be home, warm and tucked in for the night. I finished listening to Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd yesterday after getting bitesize chunks done over the last couple of weeks.

Dr Richard Shepherd is a forensic pathologist, in fact the country’s top forensic pathologist. He has performed over 23,000 post-mortems on the back of natural disasters, murders, acts of terrorism and natural deaths. His book shares the stories of his career and his life.

Audible recommended this book to me (I guess on the back of purchasing This is Going to Hurt) so without knowing an awful lot about it, I got it downloaded and on when I was in the car. As always, I very much liked the fact that the book was narrated by the author which I find makes a book very genuine.

In short, Dr Shepherd is a brilliant man who has dedicated his adult life to his career and helped bring justice, answers and peace to I imagine an awful lot of people. What I didn’t expect from this book, was to learn so much about his private life which I found really interesting. I don’t often consider how careers such as forensic pathology can take such a toll on a persons home life and reading about this made Dr Shepherd all that more personable.

Now this book quite obviously isn’t a barrel of laughs, however it isn’t gruesome as I suspected it may be. I found that the cases written about were done so in a respectful manner that gave me as a reader a brilliant insight into what happens in a mortuary. If you like reading about criminal investigations and how the minds of those so integral to that process work, I’d definitely recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it!




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